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Gregory V. Boulware

The Garden of Eden was the first home of man. Adam was placed there by God to live an untroubled life.

At his fingertips lay all the food he needed. The springs ran fresh and clear. The days were cool and the nights were comfortable. God created a heavenly paradise. God decided to create another human being to be a companion to Adam in the paradise. This was to be woman. Her name was Eve, or the “Mother of the Earth.” They enjoyed the beauty of the flowers and vines and the perfect protection of God. In the Garden of Eden flowed four streams of a great river, and there was also in the garden the Tree of Life, which was intended to sustain man forever. Another tree stood close by. Adam said to Eve, “We shall not eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.” If we do eat the fruit, we shall die and lose our paradise and our comfort forever.”

Eve was free to choose to obey or disobey. Her fateful decision soon ended their existence in paradise.

Adam and all his descendents were no longer to live in the Garden of Eden. And woman, though she would always wish to be a mother and have children, would do so forever in pain. But, worst of all, eternal life was no longer the earthly lot. They would become old and die. “Because you have listened to your wife and have eaten of the tree which I forbade you to eat, therefore cursed is the ground for your sake; in sorrow shall you eat of it all the days of your life…in sweat of your face shall you eat bread, till you return with the ground; for out of it you were taken: for dust you are, and unto dust shall you return!”

Eastward from Eden, the land was hard and wild. Their easy life was over. With work the Earth produced good food, and soon, a son was born to the world’s first family. The baby was called Cain. His brother, Abel, soon followed him. The family kept faith with God as time passed and they grew. Cain could not always obey God’s voice. He grew sullen, working about in the fields, building up hatred in his soul against his brother. God warned Cain…”Sin is waiting at your door to ensnare you!”

Cain’s envy and jealousy caused him to slay his brother. He resented God’s love for Abel over love for him. Cain murdered his brother. God knew of this and cursed Cain. “From such a crime you cannot hide…from this time forth you shall be accursed and wander as a fugitive on Earth!” And God placed a mark on Cain’s brow so that no one would murder him during his wanderings.

Other children were born to Adam and Eve, and the world’s population began to grow. But what kind of people would these children be? In so short a time, it seemed that only wickedness would flourish on Earth.

Was a good and righteous man to be found?

The world became crowded, and man lived to be very old. Enoch and his father, Methuselah were good men. They were deserving of God’s reward. God was angry with the people of the world and decided to destroy it…everyone except Methuselah’s grandson…Noah – who loved God and found grace in the eyes of the lord. God said to Noah, "The world will be ended by a flood.” “I love man in spite of his sins, and, therefore, I shall save your family and one of every bird and beast in existence, so that the world may start afresh.”

God said to Noah, “Because I know man to be weak and forgetful, once more I will tell you, as I told Adam; the Earth is yours to rule in goodness and justice. It will feed you and comfort you but you must take care of the Earth, and of one another, as well. Above all, I hate murder and bloodshed, for it is the same thing as denying God, in which the image of man was made.”

Noah and his sons began to till the soil after the flood. Soon children were born to Noah’s daughter-in-law(s), and life seemed pure and happy. Noah had three sons…Shem, Japheth, and Ham. Noah’s sons had many descendants. Most of them settled in the area we know today as the Middle East. Some of the descendants went south into the land of the Nile River. The others journeyed to the Jordan River plain(s) and many more to the rich eastern fields of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. A busy civilization began.

They all spoke the same language. Terah had a son named Abram. From the Middle East, the caravan settled in a town called Haran, which was North of the land of Canaan.

God had warned, “Man is weak and sinful!”

Several wise men were discussing…arguing the future of Black People in America. The question was posed – “What will the profile of Black Americans be a hundred years from now?” For instance, "White American people, the Jewish race, the German race, the Chinese race and the Japanese race has this inborn common thread that binds them together as one race of people."

One of the wise men stated the lineage of Black people being one of the 12 tribes of Israel. He explained that Black Hebrews are chosen by the 'Most High', ISAIAH 41: 8-11. “ISRAEL, art my servant, Jacob whom I have chosen, the seed of Abraham my friend. Thou whom I have taken from the ends of the earth, and called thee from the chief men thereof, and saith unto thee, Thou art my servant; I have chosen thee, and not cast thee away.”

12 Tribes of Israel

1. Judah= the so-called Black Americans 2. Benjamin= the so-called West Indians
3. Levi= the so-called Haitians 4. Simeon= the so-called Dominicans 5. Zebulon= the so-called people of (Guatemala to Panama) 6. Ephraim= the so-called Puerto Ricans 7. Manasseh = the so-called Cubans
8. Gad = the so-called North American Indians 9. Reuben = the so-called Seminole Indians
10. Napthali = the so-called people of (Argentina to Chile) 11. Asher = the so-called people of (Columbia to Uruguay) 12. Issachar = the so-called Mexicans and Italians.

The Edomites = the so-called Caucasians, Moabites = the so-called Chinese, Khazars = the so-called Caucasian Jews, Ammonites = the so-called Japanese, and the Ashkanazites = the so-called Germans.

The first wise man added to his begining argument, "The Bible is the testimony of the Jewish people." “Now, we know that Moses instituted the ritual of the Passover. The practice that Moses instituted about Passover is the same way the people in the state of Israel today practice this ritual Passover. It was handed down to the descendents of Moses residing in the state of Israel over 4000 years ago and not to any Black American that you referred to as Hebrew.”

The second wise man said, “I’ve told you before that the Bible is the testimony of the Jewish people. Now, we know that Moses instituted the ritual of the Passover. The practice that Moses instituted about Passover is the same way the people in the state of Israel today practice this ritual Passover. It was handed down to the descendents of Moses residing in the state of Israel over 4000 years ago.”

The first wise man also added, “The things you are talking about that are written in the Bible were long before Black Americans who are descendents of slaves existed. The race of Black Americans is approximately 500 years old.”

Another wise man added, “What I mean is a number of things. First, there will be a continuing trend towards the intermarriage of persons with diverse ancestry, so that it will become harder to tell a person's ancestry by sight.” ”100 years after the founding of the NAACP, the first African American to become President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama. They could not foresee back then what would be the end of their efforts, but they fought for what was right, and still we shall.”

“The race of Black Americans is a result of the breeding process lasting for over 300 years between White men mostly of British descent in the first wave of African slave women purchased from the slave traders,” said the first wise man.

“The system of the U.S is not failing it's the failure of the people of the U.S to follow it and make their government and those rich elites follow it. The rich avert its laws and the wealthy especially, it's tax laws and employment laws that allow illegal aliens to get jobs over citizenship(s) to underplay Unions”, said the third wise man.

The third wise man said, “White Americans have always been at the helm of Black Americans problems since White America enslaved Black Americans.” He continued to say, ”Speak to a so-called Puerto Rican descendant in 'truth', the Arawak Indians have been documented in the literature texts as speaking Hebrew. The Mexican libraries will provide you the same data. Columbus had Hebrew interpreters with him on his arrival to the so-called West Indies …plenty of so-called Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Dominican friends of mine verify this truth through their grandparents.

The second wise man stated, “Black Americans are the tribe of Judah when it is common knowledge that the name Judah is one of the ancient tribes of Israel and the people in the state of Israel today are the descendents of ancient Israel.”

Another wise man interjected, “Is it the changing of the Guards, or The Changing of God - From generation to generation, from Africa to America, Africa boasts one of the World's oldest civilization. It was called Nubia, during the time of ancient Egypt, and the People of Nubia or Kush were Black, 2000 years B.C. Black Americans inhibited Liberia since 1848. It is a Circle from there back to America. In 100 years, there will be no races, but a Multi-racial co-existence. To find a True Black would be impossible. You cannot find a 100% Black even in Africa today.”

Learn the True History of Blacks (

The first wise man said, “Not all Black people or dark skinned people are the same people. Not all Caucasian people are the same White people. Not all blackbirds are Crow birds; some are Raven birds.”

“I assure you Black Americans will become a sovereign people as the children of Israel were lifted out of the hands of Pharaoh to become a sovereign people in the land of Canaan, said the first wise man.”

The third wise man fired, “A True Black; has to be defined in the mindset of A European Slaver Racialist of the 13th Century----. They made up this Divisive classification of the descendants of Adam.”

“Black/White is a term first used 800 years ago to Divide Adams Descendants. I prefer to use European Madness Racialism to describe it. Our Leader President Barack Hussein Obama is asking the "children" to Grow Up and Change. ---I choose to follow President Barack Hussein Obama, the Greatest European American Leader since the 12th Century, said the second wise man.”

The first wise man continued his argument, “I believe that Black Americans are a new breed or race of people that has emerged out of the ashes of slavery. History showed that White men for the most part bred themselves with the African slave women they purchased from the slave traders. This breeding process lasted from the beginning of slavery to the 18th century. When this breeding process ended, Black Americans, who are descendents of slaves numbered well over 20 million and that is why we are a new breed or race of people that has emerged out of the ashes of slavery. Black Americans are not Africans!”

“Black Americans are not African Americans. Black Americans are a new breed or race of people that has emerged out of the ashes of slavery. Black Americans are the people that came from the breeding process between White men and the first wave of African slave women. This breeding process ended after the Civil War. By then Black Americans numbered well over 20 million people. We are neither African nor Caucasians since we numbered over 20 million by the end of the Civil War, which made us a new breed or race of people that emerged from the ashes of slavery.”

The wise men concurred, “We must face any challenges and overcome them that nature hurls at every sovereign people and country to be an independent people. Sovereignty is a tremendous responsibility but it also reaps tremendous rewards. Black Americans have never been a real people and we could never become a real people by staying invisible and behind White American people. God has begun almost 3 years ago the process of doing for us what was done for the children of Israel in Egypt that brought them out of bondage.”

One member of the group said, “I don’t see Black people disappearing, but whites. Genetically speaking, the black gene tends to be dominant from a feature perspective. By that I mean, if you look at the offspring of black and white couples, the children are most always Black and noticeably so, at least by the definition that we call ourselves Black today, from an appearance perspective. Culturally, that’s something altogether different. But a perfect example of this is our president, Barack Obama, who is the offspring of such a coupling, and no one will ever mistake him for a White man.”

The group also concurred, “The Black gene (man) is the source, and hence the source cannot be diluted by what sprung from it, i.e. the White man if the dilution is in equal parts going forward.” My concept is that America is a place where all races of people could come to and be successful and/or achieve the American dream.”

A fourth wise man stated, "I would hope to think that we will have sovereignty...Obama is a step in the right direction...don't you all agree? The races have been mixing since the beginning of time. Yes, we have major problems...should we not start to correct them by and/or with solutions?"


One of the wise men added, “I believe the future always depends on what is done today. Example, if there is no today then there can be no tomorrow or one must have a beginning to be able to have a present and then a future...SANKOFA.”

”The future depends on that individual at that present time. And if my children's, children's, children's, children (and thiers) continue the path that they travel, then in one hundred years we will have a beautiful, green, safe and secure society on planet earth or where ever man decides to move in this universe”... stated a wise Black Woman.

Til next time…

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The Home of Adaam was in Paradise.

Adaam with his first companion Howah-eve; at some time showed Undisciplined, Untaught, Ignorant Decadent behavior with a 'tree' of Knowledge. Adaam then was given a created World---

The Creator told Adaam and his Descendants that the Soul of Adaam was more precious than anything of the created.

Descendants of Adaam, Cain and Abel, then did an Undisciplined, Untaught, Ignorant Decadent behavior with that precious soul; Decadent murder for a created prize of: ------ENVY.

The Creator since, has sent Descendants of Adaam with Messages, Laws and Knowledge, to Mankind, so that these Descendants will Follow Laws, Seek Knowledge, and show Discipline in their behavior.

The place for the Descendants of Adaam is also Paradise and I pray that I use Discipline, Follow Law so that The Creator will reward me with Paradise.

The tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi were forced out of the Land of Israel around 70 AD. This was due to the Hebrew-Roman wars that resulted in the deaths of thousands of Black Hebrew Israelites. Primarily women, men, and children were slaughtered by an over powering Army of Roman soldiers and conscripts in their Empire domain. The remnant of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi fled primarily to West Africa to escape death and prosecution around 70 AD.

Then the Black Hamite tribal leaders conspired with the EDOMITES (Caucasians) and Arabs (Ishmaelites) to enslave Black Hebrew tribes towards the passages of America, Arabia, and Northern Africa. The American EDOMITES did the same as their elder cousins Romans did, conquered, murdered, rape, and divided the Black Hebrew nation.

You notice very few Black Africans will reveal this truth, and most have little association with so-called Black Americans, because they know we are different nations. The so-called Whitman gives the Hamite Black Africans a seat in the UN, as well as all other nations, however the so-called Black Americans and North American Indian tribes have no representation.

I suggest that you purchase and read the following book developed by a so-called Black American author named Rudolph Windsor. This book is entitled 'Babylon'. Mr. Windsor traveled extensively throughout the so-called Middle East and West Africa to trace the lineage of so-called Black Americans.

Several noted Black Hamite African scholars validated that most of the West African slaves were of Black Hebrew descent. The other nine Black Hebrew tribes migrated from the Land of Israel (Jacob) to the America's over 2700 years ago. The so-called White man tells you in his history (His story) books that Native Indian tribes came to the America's through the Barent Straits.

Then tell me why don't the Native Indian tribes have Mongoloid features of Down Syndrome similar to Orientals.

My great grandfather on my paternal side was 100% Cherokee INDIAN. We all know that the original Native Indians did not look like the Mongoloid races of the Orient.

"Do the research and you will see that I am right!"

JHZ - "BIA" October 24th 2009

Greg is ok; I believe he is an includer, an evolver.
Greg, I like your site and your Scholarship. Great reading.

Greg quoted;
"The third wise man fired, “A True Black; has to be defined in the mindset of A European Slaver
Racialist of the 13th Century----. They made up this Divisive classification of the descendants of Adam.”

“Black/White is a term first used 800 years ago; to divide Adaams' Descendants. I prefer to use European Madness Racialism to describe it.

Our Leader President Barack Hussein Obama is asking the "children" to Grow Up and Change. ---I choose to follow President Barack Hussein Obama, the Greatest European American Leader since the 12th Century, said the second wise man.”

Robert Powell - "BIA"October 25th 2009

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